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Tha Goat-1 Nite MP3

Born and raised in Augusta, I never actually saw myself pursuing a career in music. After making the decision to end my sports career after high school in 2005,I started writing rhymes taught myself the recording process. One year later i had two self-made mixtapes circulating around the country through myspace,blackplanet, reverbnation, tec. �Welcome to Tha Pipeline: Streetmade� hit the streets early 2007 with tracks from me and a group called GPL (GA Pipeline) as well as various artists from GA to FL.I did an interview on Myspace Radio on �Live in The Morning with Uncle D� which is accessible on tha Official GA Boy aka Tha Goat Myspace Page (www.myspace.com/gaallday). Take a couple years off and fastforward 2010. almost 3 years out living a regular life but the music has called.

1 Nite MP3: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_8117628


Genres: Hip Hop / rap
Label: Bradleyville Musik Group LLC
Management: BMG Musik

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