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Blue Da Inovator “Tales From the CRYPT”

Born January
28th  as Clifford Nelson, Blue
Da Inovator does not consider himself a newcomer to the music business. From
being a fan since the day he could remember hearing his first song, he knew
that hip hop music was something he wanted to pursue. With his hardcore
delivery and aggressive rap style, Blue is considered as an artist of music
more than just a rapper. Tellin stories of ghetto tails and real life
experiences the artist style that he possesses cannot be compared to anyone.
From his many inspirations (Jay-Z, DMX, Nas, Biggie, Master P) he hope to one
day follow in there footsteps of success.
After witnesses what he calls the “deterioration of hip hop” happened
over the past couple of years he is determined to make a stand. Releasing his
debut mixtape spring of last year “Carolina Coastin” Blue shows his built up
ambition by releasing a follow-up mixtape “Inovation The Official Street

Download Link http://mixbird.com/mixtapes/listen/blue_da_inovator-tales_from_the_crypt

Follow us on twitter @bluedainovator @803djdyce @djcannonbanyon & @scdjeffect FOR MIXTAPE INQUIRIES: djdycemp3@gmail.com

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